About Us


Thanks for visiting the website of JT’s Arbor Service. We hope that you’ve found the information that you needed pertaining to our services. On this page, we’ve included some more information about who we are as a company.

We feel like the the best professional relationships become formed out of trust. For example, you’re not going to want to trust somebody with a service that you paid hard earned money for if you don’t know them well. So, we invite you to read this page so that you can get to know us a little bit better. You’ll find that we have your best interests in mind here at JT’s Arbor Service.

Our Company Story


Our company’s founder, JT Billings, was a man who believed in the people. He believed in the power to change things if you don’t like the way that they are. This company is a manifestation of his bravery and determination.

Before the company started, JT was working at a lumber mill in a small town. The mill was not doing well as the timber industry was starting to crash. As a result of the mill’s failure, it’s owners accepted an offer to be bought out by a large corporation. They were planning on using the facilities for different purposes than lumber. As a result, many of the workers at the lumber company stood the risk of getting laid off. This would be a tremendous economic disaster for the small town. However, JT pooled his resources and his friends together and started what is now one of the leading arbor service companies in the region.