Music in Grand Rapids

Wherever you go, you’ll find a scene of musicians that are supporting a community. It doesn’t matter if that scene is two musicians or two thousand. In every part of the country, there are musicians who exist to provide entertainment for those who are living in the area.

This is of great importance because it helps keep morale up for the workforce of our country. We need these musicians to keep on rocking so we can keep working.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is no different from any other town in this aspect. In this western Michigan city, you’ll be able to find a lot of flavors and genres that will capture your interest and keep you coming back for more. Check out what the city has to offer!

The Scene

Like we said before, every town has a scene. However, some towns (like Grand Rapids, for instance) have many different microcosms of music that exist within the overall scene. We’ve listed them below.


Western Michigan has always been a haven for folk musicians. The bountiful trees cared for by local tree services and lush western coast of the lower peninsula offer a tranquil vibration to all those who come to this region. It’s no wonder that people out here have folk music and Americana running through their blood. You can catch many of these musicians playing their tunes at local coffee shops and art spaces.


For as much as Grand Rapids likes to sway in reflection to folk music, it likes to get down and rock out with the best of them. The Pyramid Scheme is a small to mid sized venue that showcases local, regional, and national acts. You’ll be able to see some of the hottest indie and rock music by coming out to this venue in Grand Rapids. Do not miss it!